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The Unforgiven
  1. The Unforgiven (06:27) Lyrics
    Taken from the album METALLICA

  2. So What (03:08) Lyrics
    Originally released by The Anti-Nowhere League in 1981 as a B-side to the Streets of London single
    Taken from the album GARAGE INC.

  3. Killing Time (03:03) Lyrics
    (Sweet Savage)
    Originally released by Sweet Savage in 1981 as a B-side to the Take No Prisoners single
    Taken from the album GARAGE INC.

  4. The Unforgiven (Demo) (6:17)
    Recorded on October 4, 1990 at Bayview Studios, Richmond, CA "A couple of firsts on this demo: 1.) Lyrics! 2.) First time we played it as a group together in the same place. We were still perfecting our recording technique - obvious from Jaymz' vocals. Kinda hast that folksy family feeling."

Note: These tracks appear on different versions of The Unforgiven single. Not all tracks are on one CD or slab of vinyl.
Whiplash (1983) Jump in the Fire (1984) Creeping Death  (1984)
Master of Puppets  (1986) Harvester of Sorrow (1988) Eye of the Beholder  (1988)
One (1989) Enter Sandman  (1991) The Unforgiven  (1991)
Nothing Else Matters (1992) Live at Wembley Stadium (1992) Wherever I May Roam  (1992)
Sad But True (1993) One (Live) (1994) Until It Sleeps  (1996)
Hero of the Day (1996) Mama Said (1996) King Nothing (1997)
The Memory Remains  (1997) The Unforgiven II (1998) Live in Lonon: The Antipodean Tour Edition (1998)
Fuel (1998) Turn the Page  (1998) Whiskey in the Jar  (1970)
Die, Die My Darling  (1999) Nothing Else Matters (S&M) (2000) No Leaf Clover (S&M) (2000)
I Disappear  (2000) The Garage Remains The Same (2000) St. Anger (2003)
Frantic (2003) The Unnamed Feeling (2004) Some Kind of Monster (2004)
The Day That Never Comes (2008) My Apocalypse (2008) Cyanide (1970)
The Judas Kiss (1970) All Nightmare Long (2008) Broken, Beat & Scarred (2009)
Beyond Magnetic (2011) Lords of Summer (2014) Hardwired (2016)
Moth into Flame (2016) Atlas, Rise! (2016) Now That We're Dead (2017)
Spit Out the Bone (2017) Blackened 2020 (2020) Lux Æterna  (2022)
Screaming Suicide (2023) If Darkness Had A Son (2023) 72 Seasons (2023)
Too Far Gone? (2023)