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Birthdate: August 3rd, 1963

Birthplace: Southern California

Job: Guitarist, vocalist, and creative genius behind Metallica. Also scribbles words that resemble lyrics.

Side Projects: Between 1986 and 1990, James played drums in the drunk, hardcore-esque band the Spastik Children with Fred Cotton on vocals, and a handful of musicians who came and went along the way including Cliff Burton, James "Flunky" McDaniel, Kirk Hammett, Jim Martin, and Jason Newsted. James has appeared on Danzig's self-titled debut album singing back up vocals on "Twist of Cain" and "Possession." James also sings the chorus of the Corrosion of Conformity song, "Man or Ash," which appears on CoC's Wiseblood album. He has also appeared as a background vocalist on Milk & Blood's debut album. Trey Parker & Matt Stone tapped James to sing a vocal in the South Park movie "Bigger, Longer, & Uncut." He's appeared on the Gov't Mule track "Drivin' Rain" and recently contributed a cover of Waylon Jennings' "Don't You Think This Outlaw Bit Has Done Got Out of Hand" to a Waylon tribute record, in which he performed ALL instruments.

Previous Bands: James played in Obsession with a few pals from Downey High School. Obsession consisted of James and Jim Arnold on guitar and Rich and Ron Veloz on drums and bass. After Obsession came to an end, James jammed with Jim Mulligan and a guy named Troy in a garage band. Phantom Lord came next with the lineup of Jim Mulligan on drums, Hugh Tanner on guitar, and Hetfield on second guitar and vocals. Bassists, however, would come and go. After Phantom Lord came Leather Charm, which was basically the same band with Ron McGovney on bass guitar. Finally, after the demise of Leather Charm came his collaboration with Lars Ulrich and the creation of Metallica.

Hobbies: Dangerous outdoor activities that include hunting, wakeboarding, snowboarding, tattoos and working on his custom Harley. He's become a die-hard gearhead with the nickname "Leadfoot." James hung up his skateboard after his last wrist-shattering experience. Nothing, however, is as dangerous as being on stage.

Influences: Black Sabbath, UFO, Motorhead, Ted Nugent, Aerosmith

Previous Jobs: James previously worked for a moving company. He also worked in a sticker factory until one of the machines almost severed his hand.

Additional Bits of Info: James was raised in a strict Christian scientist household which further alienated him from the world and aided in the death of his mother from cancer. In 2001, James entered an undisclosed rehabilitation facility to help ride him of his personal demons and addictions.

James is the most injured member of Metallica. Between being the subject of a bar-b-que party in Montreal to various bar room brawls, he's lucky he still has his limbs attached. Wondering what all has happened to Mr. Hetfield?

  • An astronomical number of black eyes due to fighting and headbanging.
  • James suffers from Tinnitus in both ears. His constant ringing has been caused by
  • 135 db stage monitors for years and gunshots.
  • Upper right arm burned.
  • Right wrist sliced open by a broken beer bottle.
  • Two broken knuckles from fighting.
  • Inside hand had 6 stitches after falling down with a bottle of Vodka on the first night of the Venom tour.
  • 20 stitches in his right knee from a knife wound.
  • Foot cut open by a broken beer bottle resulting in 5 stitches.
  • Both hands have numerous knife wounds from hunting and fishing.
  • Both bones of the left arm have had compound fractures from 2 skateboarding accidents resulting in two metal plates with screws and 85 stitches.
  • Pyrotechnic accidents caused deep second degree burns over left arm with a questionable skin graft on hand.
  • Left side of face burned during Montreal Bar-B-Que party.
  • 40 stitches in head from an ATV accident.
  • Beer bottle broken over head during a fight in Mexico.
  • Hair damaged by tour lights, pyrotechnic errors, and scissors.
  • Various back related troubles
James Hetfield - Rhythm Guitar & Vocals Lars Ulrich - Drums Kirk Hammett - Lead Guitar Robert Trujillo - Bass
Jason Newsted - Bass (1986 - 2001) Cliff Burton - Bass (1983 - 1986) Dave Mustaine - Lead Guitar (1982 - 1983) Ron McGovney - Bass (1982)