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Master Of Puppets
Produced By:
Metallica with Flemming Rasmussen

Metallica is:
James Hetfield
Lars Ulrich
Kirk Hammett
Cliff Burton
  1. Battery (05:10) Lyrics
  2. Master of Puppets (08:38) Lyrics
  3. The Thing That Should Not Be (06:32) Lyrics
  4. Welcome Home (Sanitarium) (06:28) Lyrics
  5. Disposable Heroes (08:14) Lyrics
  6. Leper Messiah (05:38) Lyrics
  7. Orion (06:36) Lyrics
  8. Damage, Inc. (05:08) Lyrics
  9. Battery (Live)* (4:53) Lyrics
  10. The Thing That Should Not Be (Live)* (7:02) Lyrics


* iTunes Bonus Track. Recorded live on August 29, 1989 in Seattle, WA. Mixed by Mike Gillies.

Engineered by Flemming Rasmussen
Recorded, Sept.-Dec. 1985 at Sweet Silence Silence Studios, Copenhagen, Denmark
Mixed by Michael Wagener at Amigo Studios, North Hollywood, CA
Assistant mixing engineer: Mark Wilzcak
Mastered by George Marino at Sterling Sound
All /Lyrics by Hetfield. All arrangements by Hetfield/Ulrich
Cover concept: Metallica and Peter Mensch/Cover Illustration: Don Brautigam
All inner sleeve pix: Ross Halfin
Back cover photos: Cliff-Rich Likong/Kirk-Ross Halfin/Lars-Rob Ellsi/James-Ross Halfin
Agency representation: ICM/Marsha Vlasic, New York/Fair Warning/John Jackson, London
Legal representations: Peter Paterno, Los Angeles/Accounting: Joni Schneider and Fred Duffin for Siegel & Feldstein, San Francisco
Management: Q-Prime, Inc.

"Roaring Hella Mega-Stylin' Cheers, Danke, Tak, Merci, Skol, Ta, Right on Bro Dudez, Fucken a rights baby man!!!".........THANX TO:

"Musical Chairs" roadcrew of 84/85 (Survival of the fittest!): John "Stack Condor" Marshall, Big Mick "Sclarbmeister" Hughes, Neil "Gimme Four" Schaffer, Bobby Schneider, Howie "Don Vito" Ungerleider, Robert "Gussetus Maximus" Allen, Andy "Lick my Syphilletic Piles" Battye, Tony "Beamer" Austin, Russel "You're on glue, Mon" Majors, Pete Russell, Steve "Blood" Fowler, Tony "Go a Ridin' Inta Town" Zed, Robert "Is This Tha Bus?" Jackson, Allie, Brian "Quickie" Murphy, Bob Yurko, Brian "Snuff" Flemming "Jeg" Larsen, Zach Harmon, Bart Franklin, Dirk Sommer, Drain, Jimi Martin

Cliff Burnstein, George Knemeyer, Peter "Nuke 'em" Paterno, John Cochrane, Michael "Mikeypooh" Alago, Mike Bone, Brad Hunt, Sue Satriano (Thanx & Good Luck!), Byron "Touch It!!" Hontas, Roger Smith, Peter Philbin, Steve Pross, Barry Lyons, Denny Nowak, Louis Heidelmeyer, Rick Alden and everone else in the Elektra family, Marsha Vlasic and Bill Elson at ICM, Joni (Get Receipts!), Fred, Barry, Richard and the whole S&F gang in S.F. and L.A., Toni Isabella and Bill Graham and the rest at B.G.P., Brian Murphy and Suzy Cornell at Avalon, L.A., Harley Lewin and Gail Leibowitz...and not forgetting the Immigration people at Boston Airport!, Alain Martineau at Polygram, Canada, Michael Wagener, Ben Liemer, Peter Lubin and Brockum, Chris Bouchard, K.J. Doughton (Thanx for all so far and let's keep going!), Jeffrey "Nik" Norman and the Plant People in Sausalito, Roy and Tommy at Tama Drums, Penn., Starr at Tama Drums, L.A., Lenny DiMuzio and Zildjian Cymbals, Frank Goodman and Mesa Boogie, Tatsu, Jim C. and John C. at Aria (PRO II basses), Ibanez Effects, ADA Signal Processors, Dave Williams at Jackson Guitars, Rich Bandoni at Fernandes guitars, Marvin Lubow at Morley, All at Guitar Center in Oakland and S.F., Rob Cooksey and Ascot Cases, All at Rock-It Cargo, Armored Saint (Handcuffs?!!) and crew, Geddy, Alex, Neil of Rush, Exodus pr. (Eggs At Us), Metal Church (Labelmates!!!), Chris "Hey Shitfuck!" & Steve "Teenage Paradiddle" of W.A.S.P., Ron "$200" Laffitte, Gene "They're Cheez" Ambo & Bridget, Alvin Petty, Eric at Pic & Puke, Keeping us alive!!, Harold "Aidz Victim" Ohh~~, Rich Likong, Ron "McGubknee" McGovney, Ken Kitt (Wanna Buy Some A...), John & Joan Ambrosino, Glenn Danzig, Mark "Noize" Myrick, Metal Joe & John at the Funhouse and all the old bridge Freakz!!, Skitchie (Pull up a couch!!!), Ron the Spawn Q (Benefit, Anywon?), Dan "Headz Vill Rrroll!!" Are, Fred and his flipping truck!, Bobkat (Full Roar!), Pam and the Record Vault, Wes Robinson and Ruthiez!, Xtra special Yahoo to Mark W. (Gummibears!) and Clive, Beth Black, Mrs. Hammett (Stylin' Chili!), Kathi "Mamma Edna" Cuevas and Cymon, Debbie Abono, Neal Wolfson, Scott Leabman, Ray Gmeiner.

Also thanks to all U.S. magazines and press for their great support and Thanks to the faithful Bay Area Metallibashers.

Peter Mensch, Su Wathan, Flemming "Close but no cigar" R., Pernille, Ulla, and Kalle (Tak for Mad!), Flemming "Jeg, Bruce, Kenneth, etc." Larsen (Drum Doctor Extraordinaire!), Freddy Hansson, Finn Lyngemark and all at Sweet Silence, Ken Anthony, Jens Westergaard, Erik Thomsen, Bjarne "Repumatation" Elvestad, Jorgen and Artillery (Yes!), The Music For Nations Klan, Ross "Where's the Grumble" Halfin, "Crazy" George Bodnar, Rod Smallwood, and Driveway, Steve Harris and Tennis-Pub, Rick Allen (Bow to Black Beauty!), The Whole Ceerang Gan, Ian Sales, Ian Croft and Zildjian Cymbals, Ascot Cases, Ivan Kushlick, Tank & Crew (See you in Finland?!), Russ Tippens, Ursula Rohr & Alec Von Tavel at Disctrade, Metal Mikekrophonehomeo, Also thanx to all European magazines and press for their great support.

Also extra fucken yahooz to...Carlsberb Bevees, Sushi, Absolut Vodka, Alka Seltzer, The Young Ones, Remoulade, Skykow, Boom Shankar, Teenage Mutant Ninja-Turtles, and most of all...Edna!!!

Lars Ulrich plays Tama drums and Zildjian Cymbals exclusively.

All songs ©1985 Creeping Death Music ASCAP
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