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Produced By:
Bob Rock with Hetfield, Ulrich, and Kamen

Metallica is:
James Hetfield
Lars Ulrich
Kirk Hammett
Jason Newsted
  1. Ecstasy of Gold (Symphony) (02:40)
  2. The Call of Ktulu (9:34) Lyrics
  3. Master of Puppets (8:54) Lyrics
  4. Of Wolf & Man (4:18) Lyrics
  5. The Thing That Should Not Be (7:26) Lyrics
  6. Fuel (4:35) Lyrics
  7. The Memory Remains (4:42) Lyrics
  8. No Leaf Clover (05:43) Lyrics
  9. Hero of the Day (4:44) Lyrics
  10. Devil's Dance (5:26) Lyrics
  11. Bleeding Me (9:01) Lyrics


  1. Nothing Else Matters (6:47) Lyrics
  2. Until It Sleeps (4:30) Lyrics
  3. For Whom the Bell Tolls (4:52) Lyrics
  4. - Human (04:19) Lyrics
  5. Wherever I May Roam (7:01) Lyrics
  6. The Outlaw Torn (9:58) Lyrics
  7. Sad But True (5:46) Lyrics
  8. One (7:53) Lyrics
  9. Enter Sandman (7:39) Lyrics
  10. Battery (7:24) Lyrics

James Hetfield - Guitars, Vocals
Lars Ulrich - Drums
Kirk Hammett - Guitars
Jason Newsted - Bass

Michael Kamen - Conductor

Produced by Bob Rock with Hetfield & Ulrich

All songs arranged and orchestrated and conducted by Michael Kamen

Recorded live at the Berkeley Community Theater in Berkely, California, on April 21-22, 1999 using the Effanel Music and Westwood One mobile recording trucks.

Recorded by Bob Rock, Randy Staub
Orchestra recorded by Stephen P McLaughlin
Technical Assistance by John Vrtacic

Mixed and edited at The Plant Studios, Sauslito, California, August-October '99

Mixed by Randy Staub

Assisted by Stephen P McLaughlin, James Brett, Kent Matcke, Darren Grahn, Leff Leffertz and Billy Konkel

Digital Edits by Mike Gillies, Darren Grahn, Paul DeCarli and Billy Bowers.

Additional editing at Plantation Studios, Maui, Hawaii

Music Preperation by Michael Price and James Brett with Blake Neely
Music Copying by Vic Fraser and Blake Neely

Orchestrations by Michael Kamen with:
Bob Elhai, Brad Warnaar, Blake Neely, Geoff Alexander, Chris Boardman, Bruce Babcock, Ted Allen, Pete Anthony and Jonathan Sacks

Mastered by George Marino at Sterling Sound

Thanks to everyone at the San Francisco Symphony, especially Joyce Cron Wessling and Joshua Feldman

Special thanks to Debra MacCulloch for all the long hours and funny letters

Once again, thanks to all the good people involved at The Plant

Michael Kamen thanks: Metallica, Bob Rock, Peter Mensch, Cliff Burnstein, Sue Tropio, Marc Reiter, Robert Urband, Sandra Cortez, Olga Gerrand, Debprah Jones, Apple Masters and Kanwal Sharma, Michael Tilson-Thomas and the San Francisco Symphony, Andy Brown and LMO, Joshua Feldman, Bob Garcia and Jeremy Freeman. It's all for Sandra, Sasha, and Zoe.

Album Design by Andie Airfix at Satori

Photography by Anton Corbijn

Management by Q Prime Inc.

Management for Michael Kamen by Robert Urband
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