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Job: Former Bass Player of Metallica (1982)

Additional Bits of Info: Ron is so insignificant that nothing needs to be mentioned about him... we wouldn't want to feed his ego anymore than it's already been fed. However, he currently makes money off his "ties" to Metallica by selling massive amounts of material on eBay (including his high school yearbook, which James had signed) and sells his autograph (Ron McGovney - Metallica 1982) for money. Give it up, Ron.
James Hetfield - Rhythm Guitar & Vocals Lars Ulrich - Drums Kirk Hammett - Lead Guitar Robert Trujillo - Bass
Jason Newsted - Bass (1986 - 2001) Cliff Burton - Bass (1983 - 1986) Dave Mustaine - Lead Guitar (1982 - 1983) Ron McGovney - Bass (1982)