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Birthdate: March 4th, 1963

Birthplace: Battle Creek, MI

Job: Former Bass Player of Metallica (1986-2001), Currently the bass player of Voivod, Head of Chophouse Records

Side Projects: Too many to list.

Previous Bands: Diamond, Jason's first band in 1977, consisted of him on Bass & Vocals, Todd Smiedendorf on Drums, Kevin Kendrick and Tom DePoy on guitar. Next up was Jason's 1980 band, Gangster which, again, had Jason on Bass & Vocals, Tim Hamlin on Guitar and an unknown drummer. After Jason moved from Michigan to Arizona, Paradox fired up in 1982 with Kelly Smith on Drums, Pete Mello and Dave Golder on Guitar. Next up was Dogz...which morphed into Flotsam and Jetsam. Dogz had Jason on bass and vocals, Kelly Smith on Drums, Eric A.K. on vocals, Mark Vasquez on guitar, and Kevin Horton on guitar. Finally, Dogz morphed into Flotsam and Jetsam in 1984. With Jason playing bass and writing most of the material, Kelly Smith returned once again to be the drummer, Eric A.K. supplied the lead vocals, and Ed Carlson and Michael Gilbert played guitar. Flotsam (with Jason in tow) appeared on the 7th installment of Metal Blade's Metal Massacre compilation albums and appears on the Doomsday for the Deceiver album available on Metal Blade.

Hobbies: Creating music, mountain biking

Influences: Gene Simmons of KISS, Geezer Butler of Black Sabbath, and Geddy Lee of Rush.

Additional Bits of Info: Jason's love of creating music ultimately led to his departure from Metallica, where he felt that he could not creatively shine.
James Hetfield - Rhythm Guitar & Vocals Lars Ulrich - Drums Kirk Hammett - Lead Guitar Robert Trujillo - Bass
Jason Newsted - Bass (1986 - 2001) Cliff Burton - Bass (1983 - 1986) Dave Mustaine - Lead Guitar (1982 - 1983) Ron McGovney - Bass (1982)