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Birthdate: November 18th, 1962

Birthplace: San Francisco, CA

Job: The Ripper

Side Projects: Kirk has had a few one-off projects, such as Voodoo Children with Jason, but he has popped up on a few other releases, as well as the old Exodus demos. He was spotted on a Septic Death recording as well as Pansy Division's song "Headbanger." Kirk joined up with Orbital for a track on the Spawn soundtrack entitled "Satan." He also popped up on Jason Newsted's Echobrain project performing a guitar solo on the song "Suckerpunch."

Previous Bands: Previous to Metallica, Kirk played guitar in Exodus.

Hobbies: Surfing, horror, surfing, comic books, and surfing.

Influences: Jimi Hendrix is his main inspiration, but also was influenced by Michael Schenker of UFO.

Previous Jobs: Burger flipper at Burger King as well as a dishwasher.

Additional Bits of Info: Kirk is the most...well...different member of Metallica, often dubbed as Quirk Hammett. After being in a disastrous relationship in 1994 and abusing himself with drugs and booze, Kirk drifted a bit from Metallica, but, by the end of the '94 tour, was back to his normal self. During the year long break, he studied Asian arts, Jazz, and film at a university in San Francisco. Kirk's also a collector of various horror movie memorabilia as well as comic books and toys. His favorite movie is 1933's The Mummy as well as the classic cult-horror flick, The Evil Dead. Kirk was the first in the band, aside from Cliff, to be tattooed. He has a tattoo around his belly that reads Made in S.F. - 11-18-62 as well as hot rod flames on his hips. He also has a variety of piercings ranging from his lip to his belly button.
James Hetfield - Rhythm Guitar & Vocals Lars Ulrich - Drums Kirk Hammett - Lead Guitar Robert Trujillo - Bass
Jason Newsted - Bass (1986 - 2001) Cliff Burton - Bass (1983 - 1986) Dave Mustaine - Lead Guitar (1982 - 1983) Ron McGovney - Bass (1982)